Proactively Manage Bed Turnover & Discharge Cleans with the BedWatch EVS Bed Board

The BedWatch EVS Bed Board provides EVS managers and other hospital leaders with a clear, current view of all beds that need discharge cleans or are in the process of being cleaned and turned over for the next patient.

BedWatch EVS Bed Board Sample Screen Shot. Click to Enlarge.

BedWatch EVS Bed Board Sample Screen Shot. Click to Enlarge.

By isolating beds that are in the cleaning process, the BedWatch EVS Bed Board makes it easy for EVS managers to proactively manage bed turnover processes and address delays or other issues as they happen, thanks to real-time status updates and customizable, automatic notifications.

Extensive reporting capabilities ensure that hospital leaders and EVS managers alike can access detailed performance information by day, by unit, or by individual housekeeper, making objective evaluation and assessment a simple, straightforward process.

BedWatch is committed to providing hospital users with the real-time, comprehensive data they need to more effectively manage patient throughput. To learn more about the EVS Bed Board and the rest of our BedWatch tools, please contact us.

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