Objectively Evaluate EVS Performance with BedWatch “Cleans by Cleaner” Report

By on March 11, 2015 in News

BedWatch patient throughput technology tools feature built-in reporting capabilities and dynamic dashboards that make it easy to quickly and objectively assess performance, from departments and units down to individual EVS team members.

The “Cleans by Cleaner” report, featured in BedWatch Bed Control, allows users to quickly and effectively review job performance by day, week, month, or any other customizable time frame. The report automatically calculates averages and provides real-time data on day-to-day housekeeper performance.

BedWatch "Cleans by Cleaner" sample dashboard and reporting view.

BedWatch “Cleans by Cleaner” sample dashboard and reporting view.

All pertinent data is broken down into easily accessible, actionable reports that allow hospital leaders to objectively assess individual team members’ performance based on current, as well as historical data. This report also facilitates ongoing performance monitoring and real-time updates, ensuring department leaders can identify potential problem areas or delays and address them as soon as possible.

Like all BedWatch reports, the “Cleans by Cleaner” report is designed to provide objective, accurate information in real-time, to all authorized hospital users. Using this report, department leaders can pro-actively manage EVS team members, as well as the hospital’s daily discharge cleaning demands.

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