Many U.S. Hospitals Susceptible to Winter Weather Damage, Closures

weather-alertAs winter storms pummel the northeast, hospitals face the prospect of damage to dated infrastructure, or of surges in patient volume and ED cases due to the closings of clinics and doctors’ offices — both of which can significantly affect their ability to provide effective patient care.

Winter weather can wreak havoc on hospital operations, especially when critical technology tools are housed in on-site serves with no redundancy. Blizzards and flooding basements can knock an entire hospital offline, but thanks to modern cloud technology, hospitals no longer need to physically house (and protect) technology tools on site.

Companies like BedWatch have built solutions in the cloud to maximize safety, security, and reliability. “The cloud offers security on par with the financial sector, and ensures inclement weather or an unexpected storm won’t shut down operations,” explains BedWatch CTO Joel Schaubert.

By building our solutions in the cloud, with redundant East and West coast data centers, we are able to ensure that our tools will remain up and running regardless of the weather. As long as our hospital partners maintain functioning Internet connections (whether hard-wired or wifi), they have access to BedWatch.

Real-time visibility around bed availability and patient throughput help hospitals maximize limited resources and streamline communication — even in times of crisis — ensuring patient throughput operations can continue to run smoothly, regardless of a damaged server or a rush on the Emergency Department.

For more information about BedWatch patient throughput technology tools, please contact us.

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