Identify Trends and Drive Process Improvement with the BedWatch Discharge Dashboard

By on June 17, 2015 in News

BedWatch Admit Control incorporates a Discharge Dashboard, which allows hospital leaders to accurately measure and track patient admissions and discharges over time.

This tool helps hospital leaders identify trends and determine when peak admission and discharge times occur, in order to drive performance improvement and process change in order to move the discharge curve forward, ultimately increasing virtual capacity and reducing patient wait times in the ED and admissions. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 11.32.14 AM

Sample view of BedWatch’s dynamic Patient Discharge Dashboard. Click to enlarge.

Like all BedWatch dashboards and reports, the Discharge Dashboard is dynamic and provides real-time occupancy and performance data, including the date-and-time-stamps around when a patient is admitted, when the are discharged by a team member using BedWatch technology, and when the hospital Admission Discharge & Transfer (ADT) system records the patient’s discharge based on when the discharge paperwork is entered, which often occurs several hours after the patient has actually left.

Utilizing this BedWatch-ADT comparison, hospital leaders can identify how long the administrative tasks associated with patient discharge actually take, and can reduce unnecessary bed “down time” by getting the room cleaned and the bed turned over so a patient can be placed, even before the ADT system receives the discharge notification for the previous patient.

BedWatch tools are designed to help hospitals break down communication silos and better manage their resources, in order to reduce wait times and improve speed of service. For more information, please contact us.


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