300-Bed Florida Hospital Meets ED Admission Time Goals in First 60 Days

In late 2011, administrators at this 300-bed hospital in Central Florida established the goal of ensuring all patients admitted through the Emergency Department be triaged, assessed, evaluated, and ready for a bed assignment in less than three hours. Over the course of 2012, hospital staff worked to accomplish this goal, with an average of 78.2% of patients meeting the goal during the first three quarters.

Upon implementing BedWatch Bed Control in October 2012, the hospital was able to achieve an all-time-high monthly average of 89% of ED admissions meeting the 3-hours-or-less goal. By November, the hospital achieved their goal with 100% of patients, and duplicated those results in December.

Due to the success of BedWatch Bed Control and the hospital ED and admissions staff, administrators considered the goal achieved and stopped tracking the metric at the end of 2012.

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