Drive Performance Improvement in Bed Turnover Processes with BedWatch “STAT Bed Turnover by Unit” Report

Not all bed turnover requests are created equally.

When a specific type of hospital bed is needed quickly, BedWatch Bed Control features a STAT bed turnover request option, and allows hospital users to objectively assess performance around STAT bed turnover requests with the “STAT Bed Turnover by Unit” Report.

STAT Turnover by Unit Screen Shot

By aggregating all STAT bed turnover performance data, hospital users can refine processes and easily identify units or team members that may require additional training or support to help improve results.

Hospital leadership can view time-and-date-stamped data for all STAT bed turnover requests, by Unit as well as by housekeeping team member. The report also automatically calculates Average Response Time and Average Turnover Time for the selected time frame, making the data both intuitive and actionable.

Patient throughput is a never-ending process that touches nearly every department in the hospital — BedWatch technology tools help break down communication silos and drive performance improvement throughout the hospital campus or healthcare system.

At BedWatch, we encourage all of our hospital partners to review performance metrics monthly in order to identify trends and potential areas for improvement.

For more information about BedWatch and how our partners have successfully driven significant improvement, please visit our Results page or contact us for more information.

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