BedWatch Column View & TV Display Provide Hospital-Wide Bed Status Info at a Glance

By on May 13, 2015 in News

BedWatch Bed Control provides a variety of ways for users to view the hospital, from detailed unit views to whole-house summary views.

The BedWatch Column View and TV Display options provide a quick gauge of whole-house occupancy rates, in order to help CNOs, House Supervisors and other patient placement team members with the real-time visibility they need to make placement decisions and manage resources on the go. 

Column View

BedWatch Column View Screen Shot

The Column View & TV Display are color-coded to match the Bed Control Bed Board:

  • Blue = Occupied
  • Green = Available
  • Red = STAT Clean Request
  • Brown = Dirty
  • Yellow = Cleaning in Progress
  • Grey = Unavailable
BedWatch TV Display Screen Shot

BedWatch TV Display Screen Shot

Like all BedWatch tools and reports, the Column View and TV Display automatically update every 60 seconds to ensure information is always up-to-date.

For more information about how BedWatch technology tools help simplify and streamline the patient throughput process by breaking down communication silos and increasing visibility within the hospital, please contact us.


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