BedWatch Features Update: Maintenance Notifications | August 6, 2014

Maintenance notes screen shot

Hospital users can add notes or instructions to each maintenance request. Click to enlarge.

One of the many helpful features BedWatch Bed Control offers is the “Maintenance Next” tool. When a housekeeper, nurse, transporter, department manager, or other hospital team member notices any kind of maintenance issue in a patient room — such as broken fixtures, cracked floor tiles, or other issues needing attention — he or she can simply indicate in Bed Control that “Maintenance Next” is needed.

The staff member can enter specific instructions or notes to let the maintenance staff know exactly what needs to be addressed.

Maintenance notes text screen shot

The “Maintenance Next” notification is delivered by text message or email to the appropriate team member. Click to enlarge.

Once the current occupant of the room in question is discharged, BedWatch Bed Control will automatically change the room status to “Unavailable” and send a “Maintenance Next” notification via email or text to the appropriate recipient (as determined by the hospital — these notifications are customizable and can be set up based on each hospital’s specific maintenance procedures). As a result, the hospital can be sure that any maintenance issues will be resolved before the next patient enters the room.

EVS-initiated maintenance requests are tracked just like all other tasks in BedWatch, with time-and-date-stamped reporting and detailed information regarding when maintenance is conducted, what is repaired, and who conducts the repairs, as well as who requests the repairs, and when.

For more information about this BedWatch Bed Control feature and our other unique product features, or to discuss how BedWatch can help improve communication and efficiency at your hospital, please contact us.

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