BedWatch Features Update | Feb. 19, 2014

New Features

1. Flexible & Customizable Time- & State-Based  Alerts
Modules Affected: Bed Control & Transport Control

Administrative users of Bed Control and Transport Control* can now create complex,  flexible time- and state-based alerts.

BedWatch Flexible Alerts screen shot

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For example:

  • An EVS manager can create an automatic alert to the appropriate housekeeper (via pager) and supervising manager (via text or email message) when a bed status is “Dirty” longer than the hospital’s target turnover time allows, and then another alert to the manager if the bed status does not change within another pre-determined amount of time;
  • A House Supervisor can create an alert to receive a text or email message every time a new clean bed becomes available, or even when a bed status changes to “In Progress;”
  • A Patient Transport manager can create an automatic alert to the manager on duty when a transport request goes unclaimed longer than the hospital’s target response time;

These kinds of complex, multi-stage and recipient alerts are now available to all administrative users.

*Transport Control users can create time-based alerts only. Event-based alerts are in development to launch later in 2014. 

2. Devices Management Page for Patient Transport Managers
Modules Affected: Transport Control

Patient Transportation managers can now easily manage multiple devices and notification methods in one place, simplifying the management of the iPod Touch devices shared by all transport team members.

BedWatch Transport Control Devices Mgmt Page Screen Shot

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