BedWatch Features Update: Customizable Escalation Notifications

BedWatch Bed Control, BedWatch Transport Control, and BedWatch Admit Control feature customizable escalation notifications, which can be configured to meet the needs of each individual hospital partner, in order to minimize delays and ensure processes move forward as efficiently as possible.

BedWatch users can create customized, automatic notifications to key users.

BedWatch users can create customized, automatic notifications to key users. Click to enlarge.

Administrative users can program automatic notifications and escalations based on each point in the process as well as by bed state. For example:

  • A House Supervisor or Patient Placement Team Member can receive an email or text notification as soon as a clean bed becomes available
  • An EVS Director can receive a notification if a STAT room clean request goes unanswered for more than 10 minutes, or another pre-determined period of time
  • A Transport Manager can receive an automatic notification if a discharge transport request goes unanswered for 15 minutes, or another pre-determined period of time

As a result, BedWatch users can proactively address any delays or issues as soon as they arise, and can ensure that processes move forward according to established hospital benchmarks.

For more information about escalation notifications, or any other BedWatch features, please contact us

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