BedWatch Account Managers Provide Customized Reports and Monthly Account Updates for Each Partner Hospital

By on May 18, 2016 in News

All BedWatch partners are paired with a dedicated Account Manager who handles support requests, coordinates training, and assists with identifying performance improvement opportunities.

Every month, the Account Manager provides our point of contact at the hospital with performance updates for their facility, highlighting key metrics and year-to-date trends.

In addition to reporting functions, the Account Manager works closely with our contact at the hospital to identify processes or areas that chronically impact throughput performance, and to make recommendations around best practices and creative solutions to the partner’s unique challenges or issues.

Your Account Manager provides a clear and direct point of contact for any needs you may have.

The Account Manager works closely with our support, training, and development teams to ensure partner needs are addressed and resolved as quickly as possible, and that recurring questions and issues are brought to the attention of our technical support staff. The Account Manager also provides feedback to our development team based on input and feature requests from the partners he or she works with, helping to drive continued improvement of our service delivery, as well as the functionality of the products themselves.

For more information about our our patient throughput management tools and our approach to service, please contact us.


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