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New Report Helps Hospitals Identify the Source of Discharge Delays

The newly revamped BedWatch® Discharge Ahead of ADT Report provides additional data and visibility to help hospitals identify the units that have delayed discharges.

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BedWatch Launches BedWatch Boards!

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY - BedWatch Boards allow users the ability to see exactly what they need to support their specific responsibilities.  Users will now have access to a true BYOBB (Build Your Own Bed Board) capability.  Get visibility of what you need, when you need need it!

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BedWatch Launches BedWatch Alerts!

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY - BedWatch Alerts is a sophisticated notification engine that empowers clinical and support services teams to enhance patient care coordination.  This keeps everyone in the facility continually informed in real-time.

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New Report Summarizes Average Patient Transportation Completion Times by Month to Simplify Performance Assessment

BedWatch Transport Control now features a specialized “Average Transport Completion Times by Month” report which aggregates average completion times into a clear, dynamic report that can easily be exported as an image to simplify internal performance reporting.

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Patient Transportation Experts Come Together for Education & Inspiration at NAHTM 2016

By on September 21, 2016 in News

The National Association of Healthcare Transport Management (NAHTM) kicked off the 2016 annual conference in Atlanta on Wednesday, marking the event’s 26th anniversary.

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Join BedWatch at NAHTM 2016 in Atlanta

By on September 7, 2016 in News

We’re proud to continue our long-standing partnership with the National Association of Healthcare Transport Management (NAHTM) by sponsoring the organization’s 2016 annual conference.

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New Admit Control Features Allow Hospital EDs to Track Patients Pending Discharge vs. Patients Pending Transfer to Surgery

BedWatch Admit Control users making bed requests within the Emergency Department (ED) now have the ability to indicate whether the patient in question will be discharged, or if he or she will be transferred to surgery, in order to help patient placement staff within the hospital better anticipate incoming patient volume from the ED.

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“Bed Placements by Hour” Report Helps Hospital Patient Placement Teams Understand Real-Time Capacity Information

BedWatch Admit Control features a “Bed Placements by Hour” report, which allows all Admit Control users within a hospital or system to access accurate data around daily patient placement activity, hour by hour.

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BedWatch Brings Real-Time Visibility to Your Hospital: Pending Patient Moves

BedWatch provides increased visibility in a variety of ways. In this post, we’ll explore how BedWatch helps improve patient flow and hospital visibility into pending patient moves, including admissions, transfers, and discharges.

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BedWatch Uses Smart Automation to Reduce Unnecessary Wait Times

By on July 13, 2016 in News

BedWatch Admit Control, Bed Control and Transport Control are designed to provide an accurate view of the day-to-day patient movements around a hospital, and to allow hospital staff members to make immediate patient placement and throughput decisions based the real-time information.

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