550-Bed Texas Hospital Reduces Average Bed Turnover Time by 54% in First 8 Months

By on September 18, 2014 in Results

This 550-bed Texas hospital implemented BedWatch Bed Control in January 2014, and has successfully reduced average bed turnover time by 54% in the first eight months of the partnership.

Bed Turnover Improvement - TX - 550 beds - 09.2014

When BedWatch Bed Control was implemented in early 2014, the hospital was averaging more than two hours from the time a patient was discharged from the room until the bed was clean and ready for the next patient — 148 minutes per turnover in January, to be exact.

Within the first 30 days, bed turnover times dropped by 40% to 89 minutes each, on average. Over the following seven months, the hospital continued to improve performance and hone processes, driving bed turnover times down to just 68 minutes, on average, in August.

In total, the hospital has reduced average bed turnover times by 54% since implementation.

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