300-Bed Louisiana Hospital Drives Avg. Bed Turnover Down to Less Than 60 Minutes

By on March 25, 2015 in Results

This 300-bed hospital in Louisiana brought on BedWatch to help improve patient throughput at the end of 2010, as one of our very first hospital partners.

Since implementation, the hospital team has worked diligently to leverage the data collected in BedWatch to identify process breakdowns and drive improvement.

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Using BedWatch Bed Control and BedWatch Transport Control, this hospital has successfully driven average bed turnover times down by almost 40% since implementation, from an 2011 average of 87 minutes, to a YTD average of just 53 minutes so far in 2015.

The hospital team is committed to streamlining patient flow and reducing unnecessary patient wait times, and has used BedWatch to objectively assess processes and performance, and to drive continuous improvement.

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