200-Bed Louisiana Hospital Reduces Avg. Patient Transport Completion Time Despite 28% Increase in Transport Requests

Since implementing BedWatch Transport Control and Patient Transport Services on a limited, trial basis in January 2011, and then expanding the scope of the transport department and rolling out the service to the entire hospital, this 200-bed Louisiana hospital has successfully driven improvement while handling increasing numbers of patient transport requests each year.

LA hospital transport time improvement despite increased activity Nov. 2014


The real-time visibility and increased efficiency provided by BedWatch have helped the hospital reduce average patient transport completion times by 17%, despite a 28% increase in average monthly transport requests.

BedWatch Transport Control’s patent-pending “Crowd-Source Mode” allows hospital transport team members to self-select jobs based on their own real-time locations, eliminating the need for an on-site dispatcher. Comprehensive time-and-date-stamped reporting and real-time status updates ensure that each team member can be held accountable, and objectively evaluated based on his or her actual performance metrics.

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