200+ Bed Louisiana Hospital Reduces Average Annual Bed Turnover by 27%

By on March 24, 2014 in Results

Using BedWatch Bed Control, this 230-bed hospital has driven average annual bed turnover times down to just 48 minutes on average in 2014, from an average of 66 minutes per discharge clean upon implementation in April 2012.

Avg Bed Turnover Improvement - LA - 03.2014

This busy hospital has served the residents of Western Louisiana for more than 100 years, and brought in BedWatch in 2012 to help better manage patient flow and provide the necessary data to drive lasting improvement. Since implementation, the housekeeping staff, nursing teams, and patient transportation staff worked tirelessly to identify bottlenecks, in order to refine throughput processes and improve the patient experience.

The data collected in BedWatch helped the teams make the case for more resources and a more equitable division of labor among housekeeping team members. As these changes went into effect in mid 2013, the hospital began to see significant reductions in room turnover, which have continued through 2014 to date.

To learn more about how BedWatch Bed Control helps hospitals achieve lasting improvement in throughput processes, by reducing bed turnover times and ultimately patient wait times, please contact us for more information or to schedule a live demo.


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