110-Bed Texas Hospital Refines Processes, Reduces Average Bed Turnover to 50 Minutes in Six Months

Utilizing BedWatch BedWatch® Bed Control, Transport Control, and Patient Transport Services, this 110-bed Texas hospital has successfully re-evaluated and revamped throughput and discharge processes, and front-line team members have helped drive average bed turnover rates down by more than 15% in the first six months, from 61 minutes per turnover at Implementation in May 2013, to just 50 minutes in October.

Turnover improvement - TX - 110 Beds

BedWatch®’s time-and-date-stamped metrics and comprehensive data tracking provide hospital leaders with the information they need to drive process improvement and continue to refine throughput workflows.

For more information on how BedWatch® Bed Control, Transport Control, and Patient Transport Services help partners like this one improve operational efficiency and drive faster bed turnover, please contact us, or feel free to schedule a live demo.

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