Patient Flow Solutions Delivered

BedWatch® is a suite of cutting-edge patient throughput management tools, designed to provide patient placement, transportation, clinical services, and EVS staff with comprehensive data and real-time, house-wide visibility.

BedWatch® empowers users to objectively assess throughput processes and drive process improvement to reduce inefficiencies in patient throughput throughout the hospital, medical center, or system.

BedWatch® helps patient throughput staff:

  • Go Mobile

Access, update, and manage data and processes on-the-go from any location, with any Internet-capable smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

  • Gain Real-Time Visibility

View, update, and manage the status of every bed and unit in your hospital or system at the touch of a button, including pertinent PHI and anticipated discharge times.

  • Get Automatic Notifications

Customize automatic notifications to key users, including escalating notification chains, when key status changes occur, such as when a bed is cleaned, a patient is discharged, or a STAT clean is needed.

  • Access Meaningful Data

Comprehensive, time-and-date-stamped data helps hospital users objectively measure and track performance across each unique throughput function, in accordance with the latest Joint Commission recommendations, effective Jan. 1, 2013.

  • Improve Processes

Detailed metrics allow BedWatch® users to identify and address bottlenecks and chronic inefficiencies in the patient throughput process, and to establish performance benchmarks to help drive process improvement.

  • Simplify Management

BedWatch® provides hospital throughput management staff with objective reporting tools, real-time communication and updates, and remote, mobile-management capabilities to facilitate proactive, effective hands-on management.

BedWatch® is proud to partner with NAHTM to help drive improvements in patient flow management and improve patients’ access to care.

For more information about BedWatch® Bed Control, Transport Control, and Admission Control (coming Spring 2014), please feel free to browse our website,  or contact us to schedule a live demo.